Announcing the Brand Spanking New Snapcodes Mobile App! [for iOS]


The new app revolves around YOU. We’ve been listening intently to your thoughts about our Snapcodes platform, and what we'd ALL love to see from Snapchat in regards to discovery…so we went ahead and built it. #HustleModeActivate

This is what we’ve all been waiting for. A real, bonafide discovery platform for the Snapchat community. Launching later this month. We hope you like it.

Love y'all,

-Team Snapcodes

3 Mobile App Features We're Stoked About:


Wait, WHAT? Yep, the biggest issue that many of you have had with our site is now a thing of the past. When you register on the app you can upload your code. BOOM - it’s on the app in real time.


Share the love with people that deserve it. On the Snapcodes Mobile App, thecommunity decides who ranks higher or lower based on what category they’re in. The more KUDOS you have, the higher you rank in that particular category. Higher ranking = more adds on Snapchat.


We’ve made it stupid simple to download codes quickly from the mobile app. Batch download, then hop into Snapchat to scan them. You can add at least 257x more people by scanning Boo-R codes instead of tapping on Snapchat URL's or typing in usernames. It’s science, people. SCIENCE.



The #Ghostcat is only partially out of the bag…We’re NOT sharing the full list of game changing features until we get closer to launch, and trust me - you’re gonna love ‘em all. If you’d like to learn more right meow, holler at us on Twitter, and we might give you more details.


You gonna be at SXSW? We'd love to meet you. Reach out to us via Twitter, and we'll set up some time to meet. You may even walk away with some legit Snapcodes SWAG...

Frank and Hunter
Co-founders of Snapcodes


Top 8 Celebrities To Follow on Snapchat - March 2016

There are plenty of Celebrities on Snapchat (as you can see by the dozens we have listed on our massive CELEBRITY category) but only a few have stood the test of time and risen through the ranks to earn our monthly praise of the top 8 celebrities on Snapchat for March 2016.

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Snap Spotlight - CNBC

Can you tell us who you are and what your jobs are at CNBC?

Hi! I’m Anna Gonzalez, Director of Social Media for CNBC. I manage two teams: The Social News Team and The Social Marketing Team. Together we work to bring CNBC content to new audiences on social media.

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Snap Spotlight - DannyBerk

Let's not waste any time. First Question. What is your Spirit Emoji?

 Surfing emoji for sure. Why? Because Surfing is the best feeling in world. ITS my high and my LIFE!!! 

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Snap Spotlight - .Mic

Mic, can you tell the people who you are and what can they expect if they add you on Snapchat?

Mic's mission is to provide young people with quality news coverage on issues that are important to them. That's our approach to Snapchat, too. If you add us on Snapchat, you can expect in-depth reporting, behind-the-scenes Snaps with editors and writers, fun takeovers, quizzes, interactive games, and amazing Snap drawings. We post every weekday. Sometimes we keep it light. Other times we get real.

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Snap Spotlight - BrandenHarvey

When you're using Snapchat, do you describe that as "work" or "play"?

Always play. Snapchat is my absolute favorite way to tell goofy and fun stories to share with the world. I do work hard to make a new Snapchat story every day, but I love the challenge.

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Snap Spotlight - Shaun Ayala

Would you rather only be able to draw with one color forever or only be able to draw the same exact picture forever?

Geez, man….draw with one color forever! Without a doubt. There’s a lot you can do creatively with outlining art with one color.

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