Snap Spotlight - CNBC


Can you tell us who you are and what your jobs are at CNBC?

Hi! I’m Anna Gonzalez, Director of Social Media for CNBC. I manage two teams: The Social News Team and The Social Marketing Team. Together we work to bring CNBC content to new audiences on social media.


What is CNBC’s Spirit Emoji?

Cry laughing is our spirit emoji. It keeps us going when we have back-to-back show launches, are hosting a national debate and in the middle of expanding our team. We love our work! It’s an exciting time to be at the network. 


What can people expect from the CNBC Snapchat account? Can you detail your team's process for covering a live event on Snapchat such as the upcoming CNBC Presidential debate?

Our Snapchat coverage will center around analysis and color. On the ground in Colorado, a video producer will focus on capturing candid moments, behind the scenes content and creating content with the students on campus. Back at CNBC HQ, we’ll be focused on the analysis. We’ll have access to the Fact Check Desk, real-time social conversation data and the research team. Whatever our newsroom is working on, we can bring live to the audience while the debate is going on. Some of those moments will live on other social networks, but most of it will just be on Snapchat.


How would you like people to interact with you during the debate?

In general, we’d love our audience to talk to us and help us tell the full story of how the public is feeling leading into the general election. If they use our branded hashtag, #CNBCGOPDebate, their tweets could be featured on-air during the debate. We’re showing their thoughts in our Twicker, which is where we take our standard ticker and adapt it to showcase tweets. On Snapchat, I’d love for them to send us their questions and reactions to the debate. They can help shape the Snapchat Debate Show, which will be fluid and really be focused on serving the audience on Snapchat.


It seems the primary goal for Presidential candidates on Snapchat is to gain exposure with younger audiences, What tangible benefits, if any, can you see candidates gaining from Snapchat?

Any platform where you can gain insights from users is valuable. Snapchat in particular lets you get personal. Being able to reach this younger audience can help candidates spread their message where the audience actually is. Snapchat is pulling an audience size that is impressive by television standards.


It’s no surprise to anyone that Snapchat’s main demographic is 18 - 34. How do you package your content to reach a younger audience?

You have to focus on compelling visuals and relatable language. Shorter is better. You have to really know your content to deliver messages in a short, relatable way. And you have to make it personal. You can do that in the way it’s shot (turning your cell phone camera on yourself as you report) and in the subject matter.


If you could watch a live story on Snapchat from any moment in History, what event would you like to watch?

An extravagant Marie Antoinette ball.


Do you have any favorite Snapchatters or favorite brands to follow on Snapchat?

I love following the Dallas Mavs on Snapchat. They do a great job bringing fans right onto the floor with the players. Can’t get enough of that. I’m also a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, and I gotta support OfficialGanja because she is a Carrollton, Texas gal like me.


If you could make anything disappear in 24 hours, what would it be?

I’m assuming you mean Snapchat style, so you could have something for 24 hours and then it would disappear. If that was the case, then it would be access to my ancestors. How cool would it be to be able to talk with them? It would be overwhelming if you had that ability for more than 24 hours… 


It’s almost Halloween and Snapchat is all about ghosts... what’s your favorite ghost movie?

I’m pretty much a light weight when it comes to scary movies. So I’d have to go with Beetlejuice. Their unique take on the afterlife is hilarious and the art direction made such an impact on me as a kid. I wanted to be Beetlejuice almost every year for Halloween in elementary school, and I’m still dancing to that soundtrack.


So, when is Jim Cramer going to get on Snapchat?

We would love to get video updates from him on Snapchat! That’s great to hear! We’ve been talking to his team about getting more Cramer out on social. You just gave me an idea…


Last Question, Social Network Comparison: If Facebook is the NYSE and Twitter is the Nasdaq. What is Snapchat?

The Bitcoin Exchange, because it's so different and took everyone by surprise.