Snap Spotlight - Shaun Ayala




What's your Spirit Emoji? Don't you dare lie about it.

What a great question! This is tough. If I had to choose one, I would say that my Spirit Emoji is the TV Emoji. It’s perfect for me. My goal within the snapchat app is to bring entertainment and engagement through the use of popular movies, TV shows etc…


When you're using Snapchat, do you describe it  as "work" or "play”?

DEFINITELY PLAY! It takes me away from my day to day norms. I get excited about dreaming up my stories and making them come to life. As soon as I’m done with one story, I’m already dreaming up the next!


Why did you join Snapchat? 

In my day job, I’m a marketer, and the only reason I joined was because Gary Vee kept talking about it. I was curious about it enough to download the app, and truthfully when I opened it up the first time I couldn’t understand it! There was no newsfeed, no profile, no way to discover people. It was confusing to me. So I closed the app and didn’t look at it for a while until I heard Gary Vee mention that people should be doodling on their snaps and using it to tell stories. I said, “DOODLING?! WHAT? THATS WHAT I DO!”  So I spent a few hours each day trying to understand snapchat…..and well, the rest is history.


What are you eating for dinner tonight? Why? 

Sushi! On weekends we tend to get a little crazy and end up eating out or ordering in, it's become a family tradition. 


Would you rather only be able to draw with one color forever or only be able to draw the same exact picture forever?

Geez, man….draw with one color forever! Without a doubt. There’s a lot you can do creatively with outlining art with one color.


How long do you spend making a single snap? 

I actually spend anywhere from 30 min-2 hours per snap. I want each drawing to be as perfect as I’m constantly using the undo button.


What is your favorite part of your least favorite movie? (Not the ending) 

My favorite part of my least favorite move is when I fall asleep! lol … just put me out my misery already!!


What was your "day job" before Snapchat?

My day job is still with Best Buy. I oversee marketing strategies and lead a creative team for a company we purchased several years ago. I’ve actually been with Best Buy for over 13 years and counting.


Which celebrity breakup was most upsetting to you?

Uhhhh….this has got to be your hardest question yet…because I really can’t think of any! lol

Wait, you mean you weren’t heartbroken to hear that Kermit and Miss Piggy broke up?

Does your art inspiration come before or after you snap the picture?

The inspiration for my snap stories always come before I snap the picture. I actually love storyboarding all my snap stories. I enjoy pre-planning, it helps to organize the chaos in my head.


What is your go-to order at Long John Silvers? 

*Womp womp womp*….I’ve never been! However if I did, it would probably be something with Shrimp. They have shrimp right??

It’s probably for the best, we’re not huge fans of Long John Silver's - it’s honestly pretty gross. No lie, we would’ve judged you pretty hardcore if you said you ate there.