Snap Spotlight - BrandenHarvey



What's your Spirit Emoji? Don't you dare lie about it.

Definitely heart eyes emoji. 😍


When you're using Snapchat, do you describe that as "work" or "play"?

Always play. Snapchat is my absolute favorite way to tell goofy and fun stories to share with the world. I do work hard to make a new Snapchat story every day, but I love the challenge.


What are you eating for dinner tonight? Why?

Weirdly enough... salad. I know, ridiculous. Kid Branden hates Adult Branden right now. Somehow I started actually liking salad. But I'll sprinkle a few Sour Patch Kids in there just for kicks.


Why did you join Snapchat?

I joined Snapchat because I saw a few of my heroes beginning to use it as a unique way to document the goofy parts of their life. I share a lot more serious and deep moments from my life on Instagram, but I wanted a place to share some smaller every-day moments.


I've heard you're big with the Instagram? What's the biggest difference between your followers on Instagram and Snapchat.

Great question. A lot of my followers follow along with both my Instagram and my Snapchat. I think that's probably the best way to get a full taste of who I am. But if I had to label it, I think a lot of my Instagram followers want to see beautiful pictures from all over the world. And I think a lot of my Snapchat followers are just trying to figure out how my hair works.


How long do you spend planning a story?

Sometimes exactly zero seconds. Sometimes a few days. I've driven a hours across several states because I thought it would make a good Snapchat story. And other times I've just seen something amazing happening and started making a story then and there. I like having a balance.


What has been your favorite Snapchat Story you've made to date?

It might be the time when the White House invited me to DC for an exclusive tour of the President's big white building. It turns out that I was the first person to make a Snapchat story from the White House. It was such a crazy day. What the Snapchat story doesn't show though is how many times the Secret Service yelled at me for touching things I wasn't supposed to touch. Oops.


How many Taylor Swift songs do you actually listen to in a day?

Just one album every day. Totally normal. I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want...


What was your "day job" before Snapchat?

My day job before Snapchat is the same as my day job after Snapchat.

For as long as I can remember, my job has been to tell stories. Sometimes I'm telling stories through photography, or speaking on a stage, or sometimes it's even through Snapchat. As long as I'm telling stories, I'm happy.


Which celebrity breakup was most upsetting to you?

My breakup with Taylor Swift was pretty hard on me...


What is your go-to order at Arbys?

My go-to order at Arby's is to promptly leave Arby's, drive to Chipotle, and order a chicken burrito with black beans, brown rice, pico, lettuce, and guac.