Top 8 Celebrities To Follow on Snapchat - March 2016


There are plenty of Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat (as you can see by the dozens we have listed in our massive CELEBRITY category) but only a few have stood the test of time and risen through the ranks to earn our monthly praise of the Top 8 Celebrities on Snapchat for March 2016. The best part? Simply scan these celebrity Boo-R codes, or type in the Celebrities Snapchat Usernames to instantly follow the best Celebrity Snapchat accounts around. 

Without further adieu...the TOP 8 CELEBRITY SNAPCODES: MARCH 2016

1. MAJOR  🔑 - It's DJ Khaled - and he's the KING of Snapchat!
You've gotta follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat. It's a must. He's spreading good vibes, and a daily dose of #Showertalk and #EllipticalTalk - which get's a little awkward at times. But honestly, this long-time music legend has become nothing short of an internet sensation, and he's still on 🔥🔥🔥 (FIRE for you grown-ups).

DJ Khaled Snapcode / DJ Khaled's Snapchat Username: djkhaled305

2. JLO takes us behind the scenes on Snapchat!
Isn't JLO the busiest woman in showbiz? I think that's totally true - with the final season of IDOL, an all new super dramatic TV Show, a music career that's always been LIT, and so much more! Luckilly, Jennifer Lopez shares some moments from her insane life on Snapchat, and we're all along to cheer her on. Find and follow Jennifer Lopez on Snapchat by scanning her code below.

Jennifer Lopez Snapcode / JLO's Snapchat Username: jlobts

3. The Lonely Island on Snapchat - keeping it hilariously unexpected.
You know this incredible trio, and now they've taken their antics to the Snap-o-sphere. Which isn't a thing by the way, just a cool way of saying...they're on Snapchat and you've gotta follow them FAST. The Lonely Island share behind the scenes, funny skits, and more to keep you connected. 

The Lonely Island Snapcode / The Lonely Island Snapchat Username: tliboys

4. Lady Gaga on Snapchat. 'Nuf Said. 
Lady Gaga has gone through quite the transformation recently. Years ago we got zany, off-the-wall, meat dress wearing GAGA, and now we've got the smooth clean look of Tony Bennett's singing partner. Whatever the case, Lady Gaga is on Snapchat, and you can find her code below. She's killing the game, y'all. Give her a follow!

Lady Gaga Snapcode / Lady Gaga's Snapchat Username: ladygaga

5. Shawn Mendes and his Canadian jawline are on Snapchat.
There isn't much more you can say about Shawn, unless you'd like to feel old. Ready? The dude was born in 1998, and probably has no clue about how wonderful the show 'Rocket Power' was on Nickelodeon. He was a year old when that show came out. GOSH DARN IT WHY CAN'T WE LIVE FOREVER? Just follow him already, while I sit here and contemplate our eventual demise.

Shawn Mendes Snapcode / Shawn Mendes' Snapchat Username: shawnmendes1

6. Jamie Foxx has arrived on Snapchat!
And you'd be foolish not to scan his Boo-R code. No one want's to see Django go unchained on your a$# for not picking up your smartphone and scanning a single code. He's promised to add more to his social profiles, so we'll see. Jamie Foxx...we can't wait to see what you share on Snapchat!

Jamie Foxx Snapcode / Jamie Foxx Username on Snapchat: iamjamiefoxx

7. Kate Hudson is 😍(LOVE) and she's on Snapchat.
You know what? Kate Hudson is Almost Famous. I mean, she knows How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, which isn't anything too special, and she's gotten into a few Bride Wars - but it doesn't mean she's a bad person. Yes, she wears fake gold jewelry, so I guess you could say she's a fan of Fools Gold. Yesterday I did see her wearing Something Borrowed (pretty sure it was a dress...but it was like A Little Bit of Heaven, so I shouldn't complain). Listen, between You, Me, and Dupree - I'm glad she's here on Snapchat, and not out somewhere Raising Helen.

Kate Hudson Snapcode / Kate Hudson's Snapchat Username: khudsnaps

Kate Hudson Snapcode / Kate Hudson's Snapchat Username: khudsnaps

8. It's only Wednesday, but on Snapchat - it's Always The Weeknd! 😕
You like that lame joke? I bet you did. Straight up DAD JOKES in the house! You know what you won't find on The Weeknd's Snapchat account? Crappy dad jokes. So if you're all "How the crap do I get as far away from this blog as possible?!?" The answer is simple, just scan The Weeknd's Snapchat code below, and forget you were ever here. Until the next time we drop a fully LIT blog on you, sans dad jokes...maybe.

The Weeknd Snapcode / The Weeknd Snapchat Username: xo.official

The Weeknd Snapcode / The Weeknd Snapchat Username: xo.official

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